Bloat Information

Thank you for watching our dog while we're away.  Because our dog may be at risk of bloat, we need for you to be aware of the following.  Bloat is the #2 killer of dogs after cancer, and your actions may save our dog's life.

Number Where We Can Be Reached:   __________________________________

Things to Do:


If the any following symptoms occur, please take our dog to the Vet IMMEDIATELY.  (Bloat can kill in hours, sometimes even minutes.)  Better to be wrong than take a chance!  We'll happily pay all Vet costs, even if it turns out not to be bloat.

Our Vet:



Vet Hospital:________________________________________





Directions:  (Also see attached map)




Note:  If the above Vet isn't open 24 hours a day, alternate Vet information is provided below:












Source:  Bloat in Dogs

Disclaimer:  The above information is what provide to our dogsitter.  We are happy to share it in case it helps others.  We are not medical experts, so please consult with your own veterinarian or other health care practitioner as to the best course of action for you.