Warm Wishes for Rumble
Updated 10/12/03, 4:17 pm

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Through all the worry, fear, and sleepless nights, there has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for us - - you!  We initially created this web site to be an on-line "Lost Dog" poster, but because of your compassion,  it's become a community of hope.  We can't tell you how much that means to us.  We've heard from many of you.  Others tell us silently that you care when we see from our counter how many repeat visitors Rumble's site has.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We'd like to share with you excerpts from just a few of the hundreds of warm wishes Rumble has received.   (Excerpts have been edited to remove all personal references to fully preserve anonymity.)

bullet "My prayers for God's angels to guide Rumble home in safety."
bullet "I have been checking the web site daily for news of Rumble and I say a prayer everyday for his safe return to you.  He is so beautiful and obviously extremely intelligent. If there is anything I can do to help with finding Rumble and getting him back home, please let me know."
bullet "I'm sure you all get so many e-mails each day, but I wanted to add my support.  I watch for Rumble everyday.  I get cold chills every time I check your website.  I've got my fingers crossed - he's almost there!"
bullet "My 3-1/2 year old daughter threw a dime into a fountain on Saturday, and her wish was for Rumble's safe return home."
bullet "What a dog!!  What an effort!!  Our thoughts and prayers are with Rumble, his family and all of you that are working to help him get home safely.   If you could keep the web site going for awhile to let us all know that he is doing ok it would be good, as I can assure you that this loyal animal will not be forgotten anytime soon."
bullet "I live in Ohio and I check your site everyday and cannot wait until I see "Rumble Has Been Found" plastered across the top of his page.  I hope that he gets home very soon.  I have 2 dogs of my own and would be so very upset if they were missing.  Good Luck."
bullet "I have been following the journey of Rumble through your web site.  I truly hope he makes it safely home to you. I visit your web site daily hoping for good news and have sent your web site to people I know.  If there is anything I can do to help with your efforts please let me know.  I can only imagine how I would feel if my dog was lost and trying to find her way home."
bullet "Rumble is almost constantly in my thoughts and I pray for him every time I think about him.  The first thing I do every morning is to check his web site hoping that today will be the day he makes it home.  I am so touched by your efforts to help him find his way.  I wish every lost dog had humans who cared as much as you do."
bullet "I have made the poster and am getting the green ribbons.  I have a 3-year old dog and I couldn't live without her.   My heart is breaking for you and Rumble."
bullet "I am so sorry that your baby is missing. When it is dark, and he is scared and alone, I am sure that what keeps him warm and alive is the thought of his family, and your love.  I pray that he will come back to you. I have never seen a family searching for a dog, like you search for Rumble.  What a gentle giant... You must love him so much, I visit your site almost daily.  I wish there was more I could do for you, than to spread the words about sweet Rumble, but I am in far-away Sweden.  God Bless You." 
bullet "I live in New York but will be in Virginia in a couple weeks.  If Rumble has not made it home by then I will print out fliers to distribute at the show I'm attending.  Hoping to soon read that he is home safe!"
bullet "I keep anticipating Rumble being home any day now as I know you do. My prayers continue to be with him daily. Keep up the faith for him. I fear the highway also. Maybe he's beyond it now....crossed at night when there is less traffic. I pray for food and water for him and hope in that area it has rained more often than here.  God Bless."
bullet "Although we are in Australia, if there is anything you can think of that we can do to help PLEASE let us know. Our heart and hopes are with you and we will be checking on your site daily, Rumble is a very lucky boy that he has owners who love him as you do."
bullet "Rumble is very much a part of my life.  I think about him and his family everyday. We pray for his safe return home, I hug my dog everyday and think of Rumble!!!  Praying for a safe return."
bullet "Just wanted to let you know I'm pulling for the most beautiful dog I've ever laid eyes on!  I travel roads in the area.  I've kept my eyes open and hope and pray everyday that he's home soon.  I wait for the day I see the post that he's home.  God Bless."
bullet "I live in Texas. I am helpless so far away from you folks, but I wanted to tell you how moved to tears I was at your site.  You're gonna find your baby boy - I can feel it in my heart.  I cannot imagine what you are going through. I have passed this on to 87 people on my email lists.  My prayers are with you and Rumble.  He knows how much you love him and that is what is guiding him now."
bullet "I live in New Jersey and have been following Rumble's journey since it began. I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you not to lose hope. A lot of people from my church are praying for him. Next time I drive through Virginia, I would love to meet this incredible dog. I have to tell you that I feel like I know him. The first thing I do when I get into work in the morning is check your site for any updates. I will be keeping you and your whole family in my prayers."
bullet "I do hope you find your babe as much as he'll want to see you again.  Good wishes for your search - I'm in Scotland so can't help unfortunately."
bullet "I am in Rhode Island and have been following your story and your search for your beloved Rumble.  It just breaks my heart.  My prayers are never-ending for you and Rumble's safe return. I just feel in my heart that Rumble is well on his way home to you.  His love and devotion will get him through.  It is just a matter of time before he will be safely home where he is sssssoooooo very loved."
bullet "You and Rumble are both in my thoughts constantly every day. Sometimes I find myself late at night so engrossed about it I can't go to sleep. Your story has just really touched my heart. As I am sure it has many many people."
bullet "I have grown to love this dog that I have never met. He is special and should remain so after his safe return. I think he has a noble purpose in this life, and has certainly the ability to reach people far and wide. I have visited his site every day (at least once a day) for about 6 or 7 weeks now and I know hundreds of others must do the same. Even in this form it is a story none of us can leave.  Dear Rumble, You have captured the hearts of people all over the world, and if wishes come true, you'll be safe and sound in no time now."
bullet "My guardian angel candle continues to burn for Rumble."
bullet "I am in Alabama and I just found your story and website.  This is the most incredible thing I have ever seen.  Your own "Incredible Journey."  When Rumble makes it home, there can be a movie made about him.  He is the most beautiful dog, and must be very smart to be trying so hard to get home.  You must take comfort in how much he loves you and longs so desperately to be with you again.  I am going to pray for him diligently."
bullet "This is just a note from the U.K. to let you know I have been searching sites for rumble but I think that boy will be going nowhere but home."
bullet "This story has touched my heart and I cannot begin to tell you how.  I put Rumble on the prayer list at church.  I have now printed the posters and tomorrow I am placing them in my car for people to see.  If we pull together and with God's help and his guardian angels Rumble will make it home.  You're in our prayers for guidance and strength through this ordeal."
bullet "Even though I can't help with the search for Rumble since I'm in Illinois, my prayers go out to you and Rumble. It's amazing what love and determination will do. He's very lucky to have such a caring family."
bullet "I have been following your search via your web site for quite awhile now and my heart goes out to you. While being in Missouri doesn't allow for the possibility of sightings, I do keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. I don't think I'd have the strength to keep up hope like you all have. I cry every day that he doesn't make it home to his family, but I keep looking and hoping. (stupid tears)  :))  All my heart and wishes for you all, and best of luck on your search. BRING RUMBLE HOME!!!"
bullet "I am in Oklahoma, but I wanted you to know my heart goes out to you and Rumble, as well as the extended family you have!  Rumble is one magnificent creature!  Truly a work of God!  All the best in your search."  
bullet "I am sure praying for Rumble's safe return. I've been keeping up with his progress.  You sure have a great site for him. I know that Rumble knows how much he is loved & wanted and this will keep him forging on to be home. All the best."
bullet "We are in Oregon and just want you to know that we think of Rumble everyday and pray for his safe return.  How hard it must be for you. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are going out to Rumble and his family.  My dogs, while not BIG dogs like your Shilohs, have been asked to mentally send out a "protective cover" to Rumble."  
bullet "Just wanted to let you know how my heart goes out to you!  I have been checking several times daily for updates on Rumble hoping that he will find his way home.  I want to say that you make pet owners PROUD because of the time, efforts, all the website info, people, etc. that you have put into trying to get him home.   If there is anything I can do, please let me know.  Never give up hope!!!"
bullet "I send from Canada my sincere prayers your way and I truly hope that Rumble will somehow find his way back home and he will be found very soon which is not soon enough. He truly is a beautiful companion and treasure.  I again hope God is keeping close watch over him and that he WILL be located and returned to you in the very near future. I keep checking your website and feel terrible that he still shows missing.  With deepest sympathy during this heartwrenching time in your life, please accept my humble note and best wishes that this ordeal will be overwith and to your benefit."
bullet "Again I have started my morning with checking your site to see if Rumble has made it home.  I can only say that Rumble is in my thoughts and prayers daily.  I talk about him to everyone I can.  My heart goes out to you and I have shed so many tears.  I check the site I know at least 10 times a day and the last thing at night - just hoping I will see that he is home.  When he does make it there, please keep the site going for a while so all of us who have come to love Rumble as if he were our own will know how he is doing.  Thank you so much for your daily updates and may Rumble be home safe very, very soon."
bullet "My prayers and thoughts have been with Rumble since the beginning.  I go to Rumble's web page the first thing every morning for a progress report and have emailed the web site address to everyone I know.  I have Rumble's picture, with a green ribbon, on my desk."
bullet "I'm writing from Labrador, that's in Northern Newfoundland, Canada.  I've been checking Rumble's site every day and my heart breaks when I see that he hasn't reached home yet.  I just hope that the next time I check Rumble's site there will be a big sign saying that he has finally reached home.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family."
bullet "Had to let you know...when I picked my 5 yr. old up from school this afternoon....after she showed her teacher and all her friends Rumble's flyers that are on our van, she informed me that we needed to pack a lunch, lots of "dog cookies" and go find Rumble this weekend so that "he can see his daddy and his sister."  We'll probably take a "field trip" on Sunday.
Still praying for the boy!"
bullet "Rumble loves you so much he is finding his way back to you over an incredible journey. I have just read the update in the Richmond newspaper and visited your loving website.  Hopefully in the next few weeks I will read of his happy return. With tears I write this and wish you all the best and the happiest of reunions when Rumble comes back to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you."
bullet "I live all the way in Nebraska and have heard of your lost pup. I wish you luck and have said a prayer for Rumble's safe return to his beloved family.  God speed."
bullet "hi, i am 12 years old, and i am so sorry about rumble. im sure that he is ok and safe.  he really is beautiful. i hope he comes back soon!!"
bullet "I am from Indiana and I just wanted you to know that I check The Rumble web page everyday to see if he has made it home it. My prayers go out to you and your family for his safe return."
bullet "How sad I feel reading about dear Rumble and how my heart goes out to you as you search and wait. I live in Maryland, but if you think it's worth it, I could put signs around the shelters here.  God bless you.  My thoughts and prayers are with you."
bullet "The first thing that we do every morning is check the Rumble web site!  Your web site is just heartwarming.  It is so nice to know that so many people still care and have such a big heart (especially in such troubled times).  It is so apparent how much you love Rumble and all animals.  We will continue to keep you all in our prayers on a daily basis."
bullet "Just wanted to let ya’ll know that Rumble is in our thoughts and prayers. My husband and I get our dog to sit with us and we hold her paw every night and pray for Rumble’s safe return. Keep the faith!"
bullet "This morning I was fixing my dog his breakfast, and my daughter asked what I was doing.  I told her that I was "fixing Rumble his breakfast."  I clearly have him on my mind.  I check daily hoping to read "Rumble is Home!" in the headline.  I know someday I will."
bullet "I have written to the "Today Show" in New York about your beloved Rumble.  Just contributing in some small way in finding Rumble will do my heart good for the rest of my life.  I bet I am not the only one to write them.  If enough people just contact every source they know, it won't be long before you are reunited with your sweet boy.  My dog wears her green ribbon for Rumble.  With Love and Prayers for you and Rumble."
bullet "Prayers coming your way from Washington State.   My heart tells me Rumble will be found safe.  You and your family obviously love him very much."
bullet "My thoughts and prayers are with you and Rumble.  I live in California, and though no one has reported seeing Rumble near this area, I am always looking whenever I go anywhere.  I feel very strongly that Rumble will successfully make his way back home.   He seems like a very special dog."
bullet "I am a sixth grade teacher.  My class and I are so touched by Rumble's travels and check the website every morning.  We are praying for him. Good luck Rumble."
bullet "I do wish Sweet Rumble would show up at your front door.  I look everywhere for him.  you will NEVER know how much Rumble is on my mind."
bullet "I have made a donation to the Humane Society in Rumble's name.  I have come to love Rumble as much as if he were my own.  I printed out the flyer and I have it posted in my car. This morning I went through the drive-thru at McDonald's and the girl there said, "that's the dog that's missing."  You remain in my thoughts and prayers and with God's blessing Rumble will be home soon." 
bullet "I, like many other people, are captivated with Rumble's journey and your commitment to getting him back home. I check the website often and pray for his safe return. I will make some time this weekend to search some of the roads in Nelson County. I look forward to seeing a happy picture of you and Rumble upon his safe return."
bullet "We live in a different part of Virginia, but will keep an eye out for Rumble when we are traveling.  Keep believing "Nothing is impossible."  We are there if you need us. May God be with you and with Rumble."
bullet "Your website is very well done and I check it at least once a day for updates!  Rumble is very lucky to have a caring family such as yours... I hope that when he gets home you will post pictures and updates for a while so that all of us out here who have been "rooting" for him can see how he's doing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!"
bullet "All of us dog lovers have a common goal, and this is, to bring Rumble home.  My heart breaks for you - we've got to collectively find this dude!"
bullet "Somewhere deep down in my heart I feel that Rumble is OK and that he will be found.  He has to know that people from practically the four corners of the world are rooting for his safe return."
bullet "Your website is not only a labor of love, but an inspiration to others, not only teachers and educators and web wonks. Hope your boy comes home soon."
bullet "I check on Rumble's progress daily. I'm hoping and praying that Rumble will be home soon. Your dedication to finding him is so courageous and admirable. He's a lucky dog to be loved so much." 
bullet "Thanks for sharing your visit to Elizabeth Redd School in Richmond, VA.  The drawings by the children were fantastic.  Even though Rumble has not arrived at home as yet he has been the reason behind many wonderful happenings and has made quite a name for himself. My prayers are that God will guide this wonderful creature safely home."
bullet "I have dogs, too, so I know what it must be like for you. I check the site every day in hopes that someone has located Rumble. What you're doing is fantastic. Hang in there, and he'll be there soon. I'm sure your hard work will pay off. I wish I could be out there helping you every day!"
bullet "I am in British Columbia, Canada and my heart really goes out to your family!  Reading your website left me in tears and immediately grabbing my 1 yr old dog.  Rumble is such a beautiful dog - and knows about being loved.  My prayers are with you!"
bullet "I so admire what you are doing to get Rumble home!  I've added his picture and link to my website.  God bless Rumble and help him find his way home!"
bullet "Consider us your Florida friends with deep respect for your relationship with Rumble. God Bless."
bullet "I have been following the story of Rumble for a long time.  It really saddens me and I would give anything for your Rumble to soon be home with you.  It would be easy to say Rumble has quite a following and all of us animal lovers are feeling down about this and won't be happy till he's back with you."
bullet "I check your website several times a day hoping to hear of another sighting.  Your search, dedication and spirit of love and sharing are inspirational.   Rumble is a magnificent animal and comes from a beautiful family.  Every night I focus on him and wish him strength and guidance to your loving home.  Until that moment, may Spirit keep you all strong in your search."
bullet "I just wanted to contact you to tell you I hope you find your precious dog Rumble.  I will be sending positive thoughts that he will be reunited with his loving family."
bullet "I pray for you and Rumble every night.   Everytime I see your web page for him it makes me cry.  Just a caring thought.  Good luck finding him and God bless you for your never ending search."
bullet "I want to let you know that I visit your site daily and send along information to people on my list in hopes that someone I know or they know can help. Just know that I think of you often and your plight weighs heavy on my heart. Nightly your Rumble is in my prayers."    
bullet "Y'all will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight.  Even our 2-1/2 year old said sweet thoughts for Rumble.  She said it's sad to be not at home.  May you find him - keep your hopes high."
bullet "We work with so many strays at the pound whose owners didn't care enough to drive 10 miles to see if they were there, that your efforts have touched our hearts and renewed our faith."
bullet "You have put so much positive energy into your search, it is neat that is it serving as teaching tool for kids."
bullet "I'm writing to you from South Wales, United Kingdom.  I hope with all my heart that Rumble is reunited with you very soon."
bullet "I just wanted to say I admire your faith and courage.  Rumble will be proud of you!  I'm sure he feels your strength pulling him home to you, closer each day."
bullet "I'm praying that your ordeal and Rumble's will be over soon, and that he will be home with you. The love you've shown in this search is truly inspiring."
bullet "Rumble has figured out how to find food, and how to stay away from people and avoided traffic. A bright boy, your Rumble. He is very special to have you loving him so much and working so hard to find him. You are very special to love so deeply and truly.  I can only imagine how this separation feels to all of you.  You are doing so much to make it positive.  You are all in my heart constantly."
bullet "You folks are wonderful.  I am so awed and inspired by your love and dedication. It will be fantastic to open your site and find out your boy is in your arms again."
bullet "I live in West Virginia, and I want you to know my heart aches for you. I will pray, as I know many are.  God bless you and keep Rumble safe."
bullet "This is just to tell you that your search for Rumble is being followed here in Holland.  A fat lot of use we are so far away, but maybe it might help you that we stretch out our hands across the sea and support you in our minds.  You have our admiration for your efforts."
bullet "I've been following Rumble's story almost since the beginning. Your story is one of perseverance, loyalty and unconditional love for your pet! I, too, would do ANYTHING necessary to find one of my cats if they were lost. They hold a very special place in my heart as Rumble does in yours! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Rumble!"
bullet "I have printed your posters and will hang them in various places for you. I’m in tears as I sit hear and read about Rumble.  I don’t ever get to the Nelson County area, but still, maybe placing the posters anywhere that I can will bring you new information and tips on sightings……at least I hope so."  Good luck. I will keep Rumble in my thoughts."
bullet "You guys are awesome! Your site on Rumble is the first thing I check when I come in to work every morning. I pray everyday that you'll find him. Yes, even here in New Jersey we are keeping Rumble in our thoughts and prayers."
bullet "Everytime I read your sightings updates, I find myself tearing up like I can feel the love y'all and Rumble have for each other.  My prayers for Rumble's quick and safe return to you."
bullet "I cannot help but admire your perseverance and love for Rumble and his family and for the caring you show for other lost animals.  Would that all people had such concern and respect for these innocent and loving creatures.  I can imagine how hard these months have been for you with all the ups and downs.  But you have been so faithful and shown such ingenuity in the search that I feel certain you are soon to be rewarded with success. Heaven be with that beautiful fellow and with you!"
bullet "You and Rumble are in our family's prayers every day."
bullet "You are my heroes.  Rumble deserves to have such a dedicated family.  All I can offer are my prayers, and you have them constantly."
bullet "I live in Utah, I have been following Rumble's story.  What a noble, loyal and courageous dog! And his humans are just as wonderful. This epitomizes what human-human and human-animal relationships should be like. It is a warming story in an often cold world. I wish you all the best, and when Rumble gets home, please keep us updated as to how he is doing!"
bullet "Just wanted to let you know someone from Maine is praying for Rumble's safe return."
bullet "I have become SO fixated about Rumble and your efforts to find him that he has become a weekly subject at my puppy club - even though we are in Canada. PLEASE do notify all of us when he IS located - as we are certain that he WILL BE! Your efforts have been no less than remarkable!"
bullet "Every day when I look at Rumble's picture my heart just aches for him and his human family.  I can't imagine what you and the dog are going through but he is such a wonderful animal it is all worth the effort.  With his gentle, kind spirit he must be wondering what has happened to him and doing all he can to survive, what a great dog.  You all are an inspiration to all and with the many prayers you receive daily they have just got to be answered soon."
bullet "You are to be commended for EDUCATING many people with this website during these difficult time. Your site is a reflection of wonderful dog ownership and HUMAN-ness. I am Pennsylvania, and if you are in need of any help in this area do not hesitate to ask. We shall keep you in our prayers. STAY PAWSITIVE..."
bullet "There are no words to describe what you (someone I've never met) mean to me. Your heart and soul, time and expense is overwhelming and wonderful. In a world where everything is disposable, to know that there is someone out there that cares so very much is knowledge to be cherished. Keep up the good work and know that I care and am with you every step of the way in spirit."
bullet "I hope I never have to go through what you guys are going through.  But If I ever have to, I hope I can be as brave as you guys have been." 
bullet "Your dedication and determination continue to inspire. You are wonderful, committed people. I wish that there were more I could do from here in California.  My prayers and my heart remain with you; at least they are not limited by distance. Remain as you are, dedicated, determined, loving people."
bullet "Hang in there--we're all pulling for you and Rumble."
bullet "I wish there was something we could do to lighten your burden. You have put together a very informative and positive website.  You have brought in some top notch people to assist in tracking. You have taught us many lessons in persistence, hope, patience, faith, and ingenuity.  Rumble is out there, and so are you, and as long as you out there for Rumble I as well as so many others will be looking at your website every morning and cheering you (and
him) on for a reunion."
bullet "Rumble is out there somewhere and wherever he is, we know that he is trying to find his way home.  With a wonderful family like you to come home to, we just know that he will not give up!  You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.  Wherever Rumble is tonight, please know that God is watching over him.  We don't even know Rumble and we love him, so we can only imagine what you must be going through."
bullet "I wish you the best of luck and so hope that Rumble is found. I cry each time I read an update, for his loss of you and your loss of him. And for all of the wonderful people that are trying to help and the good will that is truly out there in this world."
bullet "Your efforts on Rumble's behalf are truly inspirational!  As I read past journal "sightings," I am constantly humbled to read of memories of past times with Rumble, peppered in with current info (like remembering his puppy days, while tracking around Yogaville).  I applaud you for not letting the fear and sorrow "own" you during this difficult time.  Rumble has such a wonderful home!  Thank you for helping others as you bring Rumble back home."
bullet "I want to let you know that I my thoughts will be with you and with Rumble until he is reunited with you. I see your strength in your updates, so I know that Rumble was as fortunate in his first 21-22 months of life as he has been unlucky in these months since separating from you.  Now, to find the prettiest green ribbon to put on my doggie's collar. I think I know just where one is."
bullet "I think of Rumble often and pray for his return to you and your family. He is so beautiful, and it is just heart-breaking when a family who wants their beloved companion back that something like this happens. God Bless you and your family for the ones you are helping in light of the plight of your beloved Rumble. Thinking of you all often."
bullet "I'm so worried about Rumble. I have a dog and I hug him and cry a lot of times.  I wish I lived closer and/or had some vacation from work, then I'd come down and help. I know he will come home, I feel it in my heart." 
bullet "I live in the Netherlands and love dogs.   I was just reading for fun a site in Holland, and at the bottom of this site was a photograph of Rumble.  I clicked on this beautiful dog and that was enough to be - in seconds of time - in your story.  The only thing I can do, and I DO!!, is to do a strong wish that Rumble will find his home again!!   [I never, ever heard of a Shiloh Shepherd. He is the most lovely and wonderful dog I ever, EVER  saw.]  I wanted to say so much more, but my English is not that good.  But believe me, from now on I will think of Rumble every day and I will tell about Rumble to all doglovers I know, and there are many!!!  Together we will wish and hope that Rumble will be back to you soon !!  He has become so far.  I have a strong believe he will make it!!  Remember, in "the incredible story" - at last - ALL animals come home...  Rumble will come home too, because we WANT him to come home!"
bullet "I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your dedication and tenacity in your search for Rumble. I've been visiting this site almost daily for quite a while, hoping to see that Rumble is home.  I look forward to the day you are able to post that! Until then, please know there's one more person who's out here wishing you all the best and having faith that you and Rumble will be successfully reunited!"
bullet "I truly think Rumble is an angel brought here for a reason!  He shows the determination and love for his family.  He is helping to teach many of the compassion and goodness of the human spirit through all the support you guys have received on your web site!   I know he will make it home."
bullet "I check Rumble's site every day and pray for the day to learn of his return home. I so admire your dedication to finding your boy and, although I know it must be frustrating and often heart breaking, I am thrilled that other homeless dogs have been able to find a home via the "Just in Case" page.  Without a doubt, Rumble has hundreds of cyber friends and you've met many, many more wonderful people...all of whom are pulling for you and Rumble. I sincerely believe that given the amount of support and compassion Rumble has elicited, he will soon be guided home.  I bought my dog a green leash and collar to wear in honor of Rumble and to show support until he's home...."
bullet "We would like to just encourage you not to give up hope on Rumble's return - we just know that it's going to happen soon!!  We have been following your website since its inception. We just love Rumble and keep praying for a safe journey home."
bullet "I told my husband I wish I would win the lottery so I could up the reward for Rumble bigtime.  Plz know you guys are in my thoughts and hearts every single moment of every day. I know Rumble is alive.  He has proved that he is a fighter, and fighters always make their way home. I so look forward to the day I go to your website and see Rumble is home.  O what a glorious day that will be!  Thank you for helping all the other shepherds, for really each one of them has a part of Rumble in them ........God Bless Rumble and you all."
bullet "When I first received your link via e-mail, I went to the link to find some way to erase my name from the list - I receive so much junk mail.  Then, I looked over your page.  I was moved by the love you have for your dog and the amount of effort you are pouring into his search. I am glad that I received the link to your page.  Rather than requesting that you remove me from your list as I had planned, I am requesting that you add my name if you have a list of people whom you will contact when Rumble is safely home again.  Don't give up hope.  Love as great as yours is often blessed with more miracles and he is so close to home now."
bullet "What great love you must have for your beloved Rumble.  I wish you the best of luck in your search.  He  must be a very special dog, with a wonderful personality, for you to care so much."
bullet "It's uncanny how a dog as gorgeous as Rumble can touch one's heart so much.  I pray that your website can finally read "Rumble's Home."  That would be a great joy and, with an ending such as that, would also make quite a wonderful true life family movie.  It would of course show the love for one beautiful dog, how his presence means so much to so many, and how his disappearance displayed an outpouring of encouragement from all over the world."
bullet "I have been following Rumble for weeks...... gosh I go to your site a ton of times each day. I was so sad when you weren't able to find him when you went camping....... you guys are in my thoughts and hearts every single moment of every day.  I so look forward to the day I go to your website and see Rumble is home....... thank you for helping all the other shepherds........God Bless Rumble and you all........"
bullet "I have been following your search on Rumble's web site for a few months now.  It nearly makes me cry every time I read the updates.  For the last month or so every time I open the page I hold my breath, hoping to read RUMBLE'S HOME!!!  in big bold red letters.  You are amazing!!!  You talk about all the inspirational stories that give you hope, but you know, you inspire me!  My prayers are with you and Rumble, I know God is looking after him!!!"
bullet "I had a dream the other night that Rumble made it home.  Let's pray that dreams DO come true."
bullet "All I can do it seems is pray as much as possible and keep Rumble, "your magnificent boy" .... in my heart.  I try daily to view "one" of his beautiful pictures on my desktop.  I sincerely wish for his safe return to a very loving family.  You have helped many people as well by listing all the "found" animals plus connecting your site to many.  It is always a joy to hear or read of one of our loving companions finding a home again, whether it be their original or new one. I will continue to check the site as usual and plead that his return is met in everyone's favour.  He needs his family as you need him. With loving thoughts and prayers."
bullet "First i want you to know i pray several times a day that your Rumble will find his way home and i have also been following the stories of the shepherds that you are also helping. Your site truly has become the St. Francis of the web, and such wonderful things are happening through your web.  It truly is awesome."
bullet "I'm sending prayers from Idaho.  I wish I had words of encouragement or an inspirational story for you...but we do have prayers going out to Rumble and his family.  Since I first logged on to your website, its one of the first things I do is check to see if there is any new news...Unconsciously I've caught myself looking at dogs that resemble Rumble...hoping to find him, I wish we were there to help. The dogs that you have helped save is incredible...I love logging on to see the great dogs that are getting adopted...there are a lot of "angels" out there...and your family is obviously right up there with the rest of them...."
bullet "Hello,  This email from Canada is not a because we have spotted your Rumble, but instead to give you our support and let you know that we truly admire you.  We love the pictures of your Rumble and really hope you can be reunited with him soon.  If there is anything we can do to help please email us.  Your site is amazing and we can tell you have put a lot of time and effort into finding your baby."
bullet "Best wishes for the new year to each of you.  We know the true celebration will begin when Rumble finds his way home.  I continue to check this website every day and pray for the return of your boy, but recently I have really been noticing the power of this site.  So many dogs finding their way to foster homes and forever homes via Rumble and his human family.  Through your search for Rumble you have created an amazing network connecting animal lovers with the agencies that we turn to every day to handle lost and mistreated creatures.  The power of the internet and your commitment, not just to Rumble, but to all of these other animals is to be applauded.  Thanks for what you are doing and our prayers for Rumble's safe return."
bullet "The love you possess for Rumble is so strong, and I think it is so amazing what you are doing.  I pray every day that you will find Rumble and he can come home to the family that loves him more than the world.  You love him so much and it is apparent, as well as the fact that you love animals.  The way you are helping to find homes for all of these animals in shelters that you post on your sight is so great.  I really admire not only that you are doing all of these awesome things, but that you appreciate the caring of others around the country so much and you acknowledge it....I enjoy the stories on your website.  So, until Rumble finds his way to you, keep your heads up and smiles on your faces because you are making a difference in so many people's lives.  There are so many people you may never even meet or know that you have touched them.  Thank you for adding to my day and to my heart....the best of luck and I will continue to pray every day!!!"
bullet "Hey I just want to say thanks again for your special way that you have of making people everywhere feel like they really are a part of what's going on with you and your family.  There are so many who just can't wait to read the words that your baby's home.  I just want you to know that I have never seen the dedication and adoration that your family possesses in getting your baby back...and I think its a great lesson for all us.  Lots of hope and prayers from the west...."
bullet "I just wanted to let you know that I often think of Rumble.  He is such a gorgeous dog. I'll keep Rumble in my thoughts. I'm praying for a happy reunion very soon."  
bullet "I just want you to know that I think you do a wonderful job for Rumble, for all the other precious dogs who have been featured on his website and for countless others, humans and animals, who have been touched by Rumble's plight, his brave attempts to get home to you and your devotion to him and to other animals in need.  Somehow, I am sure that Rumble WILL eventually be returned to you healthy and whole and that this is all happening for a deeper purpose.  Best wishes in all that you do."
bullet "Amongst the avalanche of creatures that no one wants, Rumble is special because of your unrelenting efforts to find him.  And that, I think, is one of the key reasons that I, among others, so desperately want you to find your Rumble.  You quoted something that has really stayed with me: don't give up looking for your dog, because he won't give up looking for you. What a powerful motivator."
bullet "I saw your poster at my local post office and I hope sincerely that you have found Rumble.... He looks absolutely beautiful.....What kind of Shepherd is this?  I have never seen one so beautiful.......  Anyhow, I remember being a kid losing a dog and how devastating it is... so I simply want to wish you good luck in finding him... and I hope to see him one day to call you......."
bullet "I just wanted to write to you guys and tell you how much I admire your efforts to find Rumble. The end of last July, while on my way back from a business trip in Italy, I decided to stop for a few days in Virginia. I was reading the local newspaper one morning at breakfast and came across an article on your quest. I tore it out and put it in my briefcase to check the site when I returned. Even then, in its infancy of a month or so, I couldn't believe the amazing dedication you have given to the search.  I bookmarked the site, and have checked it periodically ever since. Like so many others, I wait for the page to load anticipating an announcement of a safe return. I just wanted to let you know that there are lots of us looking for Rumble, even if it takes 8 months to write a note. Thanks for being on the planet."
bullet "I live in Canada.  I have been following your search for Rumble almost from the beginning.  In fact, the first thing I do in the morning is go to your website to see if you have found Rumble.  I can hardly wait to see how everyone reacts when you do find him - and you will, you will.  Most people give up after this length of time but, obviously, it shows how much you really care for the dog that you will continue to look for him until you find him one way or the other.  Also, on another note, it shows just how many people really care for their pets and are walking every mile with you!"
bullet "I'm from Nebraska. I've been following your website for many months now and I simply had to write to you. I, like many others check in every day to see what news you have of Rumble, laugh with joy when another "just in case" dog is adopted, and cry when one is lost. I've gone to just about every website and rescue shelter you've had a link for and they've taken me to others. You may not even realize how many lives your family and Rumble have touched or how many dogs you have saved. I pray for Rumble every day and I know that there is a reason for everything.  I know you'll never stop looking for Rumble and I want you to know there are many people praying for you and your family and Rumble. Take care."
bullet "Prayers for Rumble and his family. Spring brings new hope; we always have hope."
bullet "I live in Florida and I can't tell you how it has touched my heart - I cry for you now as I read about your beloved Rumble.  I can't in my wildest dreams imagine losing one of my "children" that give me a reason to wake up every day.  I pray that you find your Rumble and will continue to follow your search every day.  I wish I was closer in miles - I would be there helping you every day.  In the meantime, you have done such wonderful things for other animals and I want you to know that I, for one, appreciate everything you are doing in Rumble's name."
bullet "Numerous stories on Rumble's site have touched me.  I just cannot express how much.  I'm truly lost for words tonight.  If it weren't for Rumble himself, these rescues and lifesaving stories could NEVER have happened.  Rumble's life has been and still is a true meaningful one.  He was born to make a difference and that's what I have come to realize in so few words.  He's helped more lives than anyone can imagine.  I still keep his beautiful and majestic picture on my desktop and pray all the time for his safe return."
bullet "I just ran across the web site telling about your search for Rumble.  I only wish I COULD give him back to you but instead, all I can do is pray, keep the site handy and pass it onto people I know.  It is so wonderful that someone cares so much about their "best friend."  You deserve to find him and he deserves to come home."
bullet "Thank you so much for your generosity in posting this "Just in Case" dog on Rumble's site. You have once again demonstrated such profound compassion for an animal in need. I wish with all my heart that Rumble himself will soon be the ultimate happy ending. If there is ever anything - anything at all -- that I can do to help you in your search, please do not hesitate to contact me. It would be a privilege to be a part of Rumble's journey home."
bullet "I'm in Texas and I just found your website for Rumble while searching the web.  I ran rescue for many years and I wish even one of the poor babies I took in had an owner half as caring as you.  I don't have words to tell you how wonderful it is that your site has helped other animals in need.  Keep your hope alive."
bullet "I've just been looking at your "Son".....he is the most beautiful Shepherd I have seen in 40 years!  "Faith" will bring back your Rumble back home........  I wish you much good luck and God's Blessings."
bullet "Because of Rumble being lost (although one is only lost when God isn't in the picture so we'll just say Rumble is on a journey), you have taken a path less traveled and touched countless souls along the way.  Just astonishing. Rumble has become somewhat of a celebrity and not only are people in Virginia keeping an eye out for him, all these people around the world open his website every day. Whew! That's some testament of love."
bullet "It is hard to believe that it has been a year since Rumble started his journey.  Reading the heartwarming stories about dogs reunited with their owners after several years on the run should certainly give you hope that one day you will find him.  I know your original intent was (and still is) to find Rumble, but his website has done so much for lost, neglected and abandoned animals everywhere.  Keep up the good work.  We pray for Rumble to find his way home soon."
bullet "Thanks so much for all your hard work, in Rumble's name, on the Just in Case dogs.  You are truly an inspiration, and I wish you all the luck in the world to find your boy!"
bullet "I think of you and Rumble every day and pray that you will be reunited soon."
bullet "I know things are hard right now and I wish for you all Good tidings as the 1 year approaches. I feel as if your Rumble is now part of my family. I miss him a lot, and I have never met him!  God Speed to you Rumble, wherever you may be."
bullet "When I first read your story and about Rumble I felt so bad...still do.  I don't know how anyone could NOT spot this gorgeous dog!  He is so beautiful that if I would see an animal like that I would just know someone owned him, and of course try to do something to help.  I hope someone out there will too!"
bullet "This is just to let you know that I am thinking of you as Sept.5 draws near. I cannot imagine the anguish you have endured since losing Rumble but I am sure you are also aware of all the happiness others have shared as a direct result of this site. You have saved so many lives and brought joy to the families that have given the unwanted homes. Thank you for all the awareness you have raised and thanks to Rumble for bringing so many others home. I know in my heart that someday Rumble will come back to you."
bullet "A dog I have never met belonging to a family I do not know has made such a tremendous impact on animals and the people who love them all over the world.  On Rumble's third birthday I continue to pray for his safe return home to the family that loves him."
bullet I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done. You posted my dog's picture that I got from a rescue, being inspired by all the dogs that needed help that I saw on your site. He is the greatest dog, thanks for showing me that there are great dogs out there that just need a chance. God bless you!