"Just in case..." Success Stories
ed 7/06/03 11:18 am

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Please click here to see "Just in Case" Shepherds who still need forever homes

In our search for Rumble, some of you have shared with us information on dogs in shelters that look similar to Rumble "just in case it might be Rumble."  Although none of them have been Rumble, we appreciate your efforts to help us in our search.  These Shepherds have been featured on Rumble's page and have now been adopted into their forever homes.   The real credit for saving these dogs goes to the wonderful people who have adopted them and the dedicated rescue folks.  We are so glad that Rumble has been able to help others in need and would appreciate any help in return you can give us in spreading the word on our lost boy and sharing the link to his website at www.globalspan.net/lost.htm.  Thank you!

Please scroll through and click on photos below to see Rumble's "Just in Case" dogs who have happily found their forever homes!  (Page 1 of 4)




Posted September 2002 - Rescued September 2002 - Adopted October 2002

Newnan-Coweta Georgia Humane Society Shelter Rescue

Newnan, Georgia

Christine's Rescue Kennel of North Griffin
North Griffin, GA

West Virginia GSD Rescue Co-op

Parkersburg, West Virginia