Rumble & Students
Updated 2/15/03 6:46 pm
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Rumble's K9 Family Visits...

        K9s, left to right:
        Raider (Rumble's dad),
        Sharona, (Rumble's great aunt),
        Thunder (Rumble's cousin),
        Ever (Rumble's aunt)
        Humans, left to right:
        Yvonne Dingus (Thunder's human mom),
        Marion Gordon (Principal),
        Karen Coleman (Guidance Counselor),
        Jamie Dingus (Thunder's human dad)

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2002, we took members of Rumble's K9 family to visit the students of Elizabeth D. Redd Elementary School in Richmond, VA. The students are using Rumble's website as a springboard to learn math, mapping, writing and communication skills. Redd Elementary has 400 students. We were able to meet and introduce Rumble's family to most of them. We want to thank Mrs. Gordon, the Principal, Mrs. Coleman, the Guidance Counselor, and all of the students and faculty for a most enjoyable day. We had so much fun meeting and talking with the students about Rumble and his family. The students had a lot of good questions and even better ideas about how to find Rumble. After talking to the students, we toured the school and took photos of some of the impressive work (see below) that the students have created. We wish we could have included all of their work.


"I think Rumble is going to make it home. He is going to be so happy that he is finally home. I don't think he will run away anymore. I think he misses his family." Ajara
"Rumble will make it home to the mountains to be with his mom and dad. He will have a long walk." Richard
"Rumble will make it home safely to his family and will be happy. If I find him I will carry him home in my mom's car." Joshua
"Rumble might walk all the way back to Nelson County where his parents live. If not, somebody might pick him up and take him to his parents so that he is safe at home sweet home. If he runs away again you could put some bones on the Parkway or the Highway so that he knows his way back to Nelson County." Wellesley

First Grade Teacher, Ms. Schmidt,
with work done by her class
Rumble gazing

"Rumble will make it home." Jarrod


Thank you, students and faculty, for helping us look for our boy.
With Rumble in our hearts and prayers.

Please visit Redd Elementary's website to learn more about the school.