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Daily Sightings Reports

bullet 12/01/02 (Sun) -  No new sightings.  Yesterday was a bittersweet day for us.  It's our family tradition to decorate our Christmas tree the weekend following Thanksgiving.  Part of our tradition includes pulling out old photo albums and boxes of photos and looking at Christmastime pictures from years past.  Seeing Rumble in the family photos from last Christmas and the year before brought back a flood of memories.  Our only wish for this Christmas is to have Rumble home again.  A photo of Rumble from Christmas last year is above at right and in Rumble's Scrapbook.
bullet 12/02/02 (Mon) -  No new sightings.  Today we'd like to share with you the photo that was taken immediately after the one above.  (See Rumble's Scrapbook.)  It brings back such happy memories!  It's our hope we'll be posting a similar photo for Christmas 2002 in a few weeks.  With the warm wishes and prayers Rumble is receiving from all over the world, we know it's possible!  In just the past few days Rumble has received warm wishes from friends as far away as the Netherlands and as close as our great neighbor Canada - - plus wonderful Americans from coast to coast.  Please keep spreading the word - - we so appreciate your help in sharing Rumble's link and posting his flyers!

Rumble - December 2001
Rumble - December 2001

bullet 12/03/02 (Tue) -  No new sightings.  We wanted to mention that in the process of looking for Rumble, we've come across some "found" Shepherds.  We've posted them as a link to Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  To go directly to the "found Shepherds" page, click here.  If you're aware of a "found" dog that you think might possibly be Rumble but turns out not to be, we'll be glad to add his or her picture and information too.  If we can help reunite another lost dog with its owner, that would be wonderful!
bullet 12/04/02 (Wed) -  No new sightings.  We've got more good news on several of Rumble's "Just in Case" Shepherds!  We've learned that "Max" from San Diego has been adopted into "a wonderful new home and things are going really well."  We've also learned that "Jerry Lee" (originally know as "Marietta Shepherd") has been adopted by a rescue organization.  We believe that "Harley" may also have been adopted or rescued, but we're still trying to find out the details.  We'll let you know what we learn.  What you may not know is that a good friend of Rumble's who has been very active in the search for Rumble tried to adopt Max.  Apparently there were some miscommunications and she never was given the chance.  However as another wonderful friend of Rumble's commented, "What matters most is that Max has found a forever home."  Now let's see if together we can find a forever home for "Kobe."  In case you haven't had an opportunity to read his update yet, he comes from championship lines and his father won "Best of Breed" at Westminster in 1997!  Kobe's living outside right now and would dearly love a new forever home. 
bullet 12/05/02 (Thu) -  No new sightings.  We've heard from many of you that you've "tied a green ribbon" for Rumble.  (See "Green Ribbons for Rumble.")  Thank you!  We've even received a few photos of your furry family members sporting green ribbons for Rumble, which we love!  We just received a very handsome green-ribbon photo of a German Shepherd in Virginia named "Remington" (see "Green Ribbon for Rumble Photos" page).  Remington's human mom is a veterinary student, and we sincerely thank her for the efforts she's made in posting Rumble's flyer and sharing the link to his site with other veterinary students and rescue organizations.
bullet 12/06/02 (Fri) -  No new sightings.  Rumble was born on September 5, 2000, so yesterday he turned 27 months old.  The photo in Rumble's Scrapbook was taken almost exactly two years ago when he was discovering snow for the first time.  Rumble has always loved the snow!  Yesterday it snowed here in Virginia, and it brought back wonderful memories of our boy.  It gives us comfort to know Rumble likes snow and can tolerate the cold better than many dogs.  (He actually loves the cold!)  We're also not too worried about him finding food right now since we believe our lost boy's eating high off the hunters who field-dress their game and the wild turkeys.
bullet 12/07/02 (Sat) -  No new sightings.  Several friends of Rumble have written to us asking if we think someone might have taken Rumble in and is keeping him for themselves.  The answer is that we don't know.  It is of course a possibility.  If that's the case, we hope they're taking good care of our boy and will find it in their hearts to let us know that they have him. According to our lost dog experts, it's not uncommon for people who find a lost dog to think that the dog has been abused, because the dog is normally hyper-wary of everything as a result of being on the run and needing to be in a total self-preservation mode to be able to survive. This hyper-wariness is mistakenly interpreted as abuse, making the people who found the dog not want to return the dog to what they believe could be an abusive situation.  Their concern is understandable but, in the case of long lost dogs, is usually misplaced.  If you believe you've seen Rumble anywhere, please let us know. 
bullet 12/08/02 (Sun) -  No new sightings.  Today we have a special inspirational treat to share.  Wonderful friends of Rumble from Reston, Virginia, Nancy and Tester, shared with us a list Nancy has compiled of news articles with heartwarming stories of lost dogs being reunited with their loving humans.  ("Tester" is Nancy's dog and is her inspiration!)  The stories are so encouraging!  Some of the dogs were lost for many years (e.g., click here).  Some stories showed the amazing abilities our pets have, much like the special blind cat "Shadow" described on Rumble's "Your Inspirational Stories" page (e.g., click here).  Some stories included eerie coincidences that almost give you goose-bumps (e.g., click here).  Some stories show how incredibly strong and resilient our pets can be against overwhelming odds (e.g., click here).  Some stories show the role luck can play (e.g., click here).  Many stories describe the determination of the owners not to give up (e.g., click here).  And all the stories are heartwarming!  To read the stories so generously shared with us by Nancy and Tester, click here.  (We will make this a permanent link on Rumble's "Your Inspirational Stories" page.  If you see other links, please share them with us and we'll add them too.  Thanks!
bullet 12/09/02 (Mon) -  No new sightings.  You may recall that we ordered a special, extra-large humane trap several weeks ago (see update of 11/16/02).  It seems that so many long-lost dogs are caught using humane traps.  In fact, we've heard from several lost dog experts that it's extremely difficult to catch a long-lost dog any other way because they've generally become so wary.  The trap we ordered can be seen by clicking here.  Our challenge for the longest time was finding a trap large enough for our boy, but fortunately a friend of Rumble's wrote us with the answer.  Well, the trap has finally arrived!  We're going to Lynchburg to pick it up (and we'll be watching for Rumble during the whole drive).  We're excited to get it and are anxious to learn how to set it up since we feel it offers one of our best hopes for catching Rumble.  Now all we need is a good sighting, so we'll know where to place it!
bullet 12/10/02 (Tue) -  No new sightings.  On Saturday, some of Rumble's family members attended an introduction to sheepherding sponsored by our local Shiloh Shepherd group.  We were so touched at the outpouring of support shown toward our boy!  There was a container full of green ribbons made by Linda, a truly wonderful lady!  There were enough so that each participant could wear a Green Ribbon for Rumble!  Our hearts were touched by Linda's gesture.  Another truly wonderful lady, Cher, drove all the way from Canada to attend the event and made an ornament for every dog in attendance - - and one extra for Rumble.  Needless to say Rumble's ornament already has a very special place on our tree, and Linda and Cher have very special places in our hearts.  Thank you both, and thanks to all our CASSA friends!  (See photos in Rumble's Scrapbook.) 
bullet 12/11/02 (Wed) -  No new sightings.  We couldn't make it to Lynchburg on Monday, so we picked up the humane trap yesterday. We'll post photos once we have some, so you can see what it looks like. We just hope one of us doesn't get trapped in it when we're setting it up.  We understand that with these huge traps, it's easy for the human setting it up to get trapped!  In other news today, a friend of Rumble's wrote us about a lovely short story about Rumble in the Annapolis Hometown Gazette.  It's actually a section of Peggy Johnson's column, but it even includes Rumble's photo, for which we're very grateful.  Thank you Peggy!  And extra thanks to the very special friend of Rumble's who wrote and requested that Peggy cover Rumble in her column.  We've added the link to Peggy's column on Rumble's Media page too.  We've also added some new, very deserving dogs to Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  Feel free to drop by that page and have a look!  We're thrilled that the adoption and rescue rate for the "Just in Case" dogs has been so good.  The real credit goes to the angels who work in rescue, but we're glad for whatever small part we can contribute.
bullet 12/12/02 (Thu) -  No new sightings.  We have another Green Ribbon for Rumble photo to share.  Below and on the "Green Ribbons for Rumble Photos" page is a picture of "Shadow," one of Rumble's best friends.  Shadow, a Sheltie, is a member of our family too.  Like our other dogs, Shadow misses Rumble.  We know Rumble will be home in time - - we just wish it were now!  The wonderful "Inspirational Links" news stories that Nancy and Tester sent us are great for keeping the spirits up!  (In fact, she's sent us a few more links which we've just added.)  We recommend one story a day - - two if you need extra inspiration!  One of Rumble's human aunts (the human mom of Noah and London) declared that the news story on Rumble being found should be the very next news story written on a lost dog that's been found!  We couldn't agree more.
bullet 12/13/02 (Fri) -  No new sightings.  We want to let you know that when we say "No new sightings," it means nothing reported that we have a high degree of confidence is likely to be Rumble.  Some reports are clearly not our boy.  A while ago a delightful lady called to say she thought she had Rumble.  She estimated the dog weighed 125 lbs.  We asked about his height since most people overestimate that.  She said she thought he was probably 30" at the shoulder, but she wasn't sure.  She measured.  The dog she had was actually 15" at the shoulder (and probably not 125 lbs!).  However, other reports leave us puzzled.  For example, we've received several reports from someone who knows dogs well.  She feels the dog she has seen looks just like Rumble.  But she saw him in a town north of Richmond - - approximately 100 miles to the east of our last sighting.  We can't rule it out, but yet it seems unlikely.  We're keeping tabs on that one...  Other sightings have just been glimpses so even the person reporting it isn't sure.  For example, we're tracking one like that in the Arvonia area right now.  (Arvonia is approximately 30 miles east of Yogaville.)  If you travel in or around Arvonia, please keep an especially close watch for any dog that looks like Rumble, even in residential areas.  By the way, in many places in Europe, Friday the 13th is considered a lucky day - - maybe it will be our lucky day to find Rumble!
bullet 12/14/02 (Sat) -  No new sightings.  We received some questions from friends of Rumble's on yesterday's posting about possible but unlikely sightings.  One wonderful friend wanted to know specifically where the "north of Richmond" location was we mentioned so she could perhaps post flyers.  Thank you!  It was Mechanicsville.  Not to get anyone's hopes up (especially not ours!), but we ourselves have even had recent "questionable sightings" on our own property.  We'd like to preface this by saying we really believe it's highly unlikely that the dog we saw was Rumble - - but there's an outside possibility it could have been.  It looked like Rumble, but we saw it at quite a distance.  And we've been fooled before (remember "Black Dog"?).  While Debbie Hall was visiting (during our Oct-Nov camping-for-Rumble expedition), one day she looked out our window and saw two very large dogs up the Tye River.  She said, "You better do a head-count, I think I just saw two of your guys."  However, all our guys (except of course Rumble), were present and accounted for.  Then last week, we got a brief glimpse of two very large dogs, possibly the same two Debbie had seen.  One was following or chasing the other - - we couldn't tell which - - in our meadow near the Tye River.  They were gone in an instant.  Visibility wasn't the greatest and we know hope is mixed in, but still, either dog could have been Rumble.  The fact that both these "possible sightings" involved two similar-looking dogs increases the likelihood that it was not our boy.  However, there's always that outside chance... 
bullet 12/15/02 (Sun) -  No new sightings.  Yesterday we spent the entire day trying to pursue one of the "questionable sightings" mentioned during our report of 12/13/02.  We consider a "questionable sighting" to be one where we and/or the person who reported the sighting have a fair amount of doubt as to whether the dog that was seen was actually Rumble.  Oftentimes the person who reported the dog only got a glimpse, or the sighting was at a great distance, or visibility was poor.  Occasionally it's because the sighting was somewhere we wouldn't expect Rumble could be (unless transported by a human).  We never ignore questionable sightings - - in fact, we keep an extra focus on that area - - however, we don't report them as "new sightings" here.  "New sightings" are only those sightings we're fairly positive are indeed our boy.  Yesterday we spent the entire day in the Arvonia/ Bremo Bluff/ Dilwyn/ Sprouses Corner/ Buckingham Courthouse area.  The map below and in Rumble's Scrapbook shows Arvonia (red star) and the area of the last sighting in Yogaville (red paw).  No one that we talked to had seen Rumble, but that area is certainly aware of him now!  We went armed with our usual load of flyers, handouts, etc.  (Thanks to Rumble's human aunt in Pennsylvania for making them!)  Even though we found nothing, we ask anyone in that area to please keep a particular watch for Rumble (especially around houses near Rt 15).  We would appreciate the same of anyone in the Mechanicsville, VA area.  Thank you! 
bullet 12/16/02 (Mon) -  No new sightings.  Yesterday we set up the humane trap that arrived the other day.  It's the super-jumbo largest size and opens on both ends for easy access.  The official description of the trap we ordered can be viewed by clicking here.  We wanted to see how our other dogs reacted to it.  Rumble's family members were lining up like they were waiting their turn for a ride at the county fair!  The guys had a great time going in one end and coming out the other.  Three photos of Rumble's sister Chili going through the trap yesterday evening are below and in Rumble's Scrapbook.  Since Chili is smaller than Rumble, it's a good thing we got the largest size!  We used kibble for these photos, but the guys seemed to like going through it even without the kibble.   Now we just need a good Rumble sighting so we can try it out!
bullet 12/17/02 (Tue) -  No new sightings.  Another photo of our boy is below and on Rumble's Photos page.  Today we're adding a new feature to Rumble's site - - a search engine.  The search engine will do a word or phrase search on all the pages in Rumble's site.  Friends of Rumble have said they feel the site contains a lot of information that could be useful to others.  Because Rumble has been gone so long, the site has grown much larger than we ever anticipated.  We've learned a lot in the last 5-1/2 months and would be happy if others could benefit from what we've learned.  To try out Rumble's search engine, click here.  (Now if only we could train it to search for Rumble!)
bullet 12/18/02 (Wed) -  No new sightings. Today we need to ask the help of anyone in the Ashland City, TN area (just north of Nashville).  Colleen, a friend of Rumble's for many months who has been displaying Rumble's picture on her website, just lost one of her own beloved dogs.  "Kimba," a black and red German Shepherd girl, has been missing since noon on Saturday, December 14th.  She's wearing a red collar with bone tags.  Kimba's pictures are on Rumble's new "Lost Friends" page.  If you are near Ashland City or Nashville, TN and could print and post Kimba's flyer, her family would be eternally grateful!  (Click here for Kimba's flyer.)  Kimba is a sweet, even-tempered girl, but Colleen is sure she is very scared and may act skittish.  Colleen really misses her girl!  If you think you've seen Kimba, please call Colleen right away at 615-792-8766.  Thank you!
bullet 12/19/02 (Thu) -  No new sightings.  To update our report of yesterday, we'd like to let you know that although Kimba has not yet been found, Colleen has had 5 reports of sightings, 3 of which appear likely to be Kimba.  (Details are on Rumble's "Lost Friends" page.)  In addition, our wonderful friend and a true lost dog expert, Debbie Hall, called Colleen tonight.  Thanks Debbie!  If you know anyone in the Ashland City or Nashville, TN area, please share Kimba's link (  Kimba's flyer is linked from that page (or just click here).  We are so glad that we're able to help a friend of Rumble's!  Colleen has been publicizing Rumble's loss for months, and we so appreciate her efforts.
bullet 12/20/02 (Fri) - No new sightings (although there has been another sighting of Rumble's lost friend Kimba in TN).  We've been busy getting the trap and all of its "trappings" ready.  We wanted our guys to hang around the trap for a few days before we put it out to get their scent on it. We'll be covering the trap with a waterproof tarp and covering the tarp with a blanket on which our guys sleep and play. The blanket will do two things: help hold down the tarp and fill the air with scent.  Inside the trap, we will be hanging various kinds of raw meat. We'll include liver, Rumble's favorite, "just in case."  We're hoping to be able to catch the two huge "somethings" (see 12/14/02 update, above) roaming around that cause us to do a Shiloh head count every time we catch a glimpse of the animals. Our guys let us know when the "somethings" are around. The most we've ever seen are two, very large dark animals with big, bushy tails and tremendous strides running at a distance. We're told they are much too big to be coyotes. 
bullet 12/21/02 (Sat) - No new sightings.  The best Christmas present we could imagine would be to have Rumble home. We never imagined that anything else could come even close.  But last night at about 7:30PM a UPS truck drove up our driveway delivering a package.  The return address said Redd Elementary School.  When we opened the package we found holiday greeting cards to Rumble from the students of Redd Elementary.  Needless to say, these cards with their messages of hope and caring warmed our hearts more than words can describe.  Over the next few days we will be showing photos of these wonderful cards for all to enjoy.  We will maintain these very special cards permanently on Rumble's new "Redd Holiday Wishes" page.  As we near the holidays we want to say a special "Thank You" to the Redd students for the joy their cards have brought us.
bullet 12/22/02 (Sun) - No new sightings.  Although we've had no new sightings of Rumble, we do have some great news.  Kimba is safely home!  In our 12/18/02 update above, we asked help from folks in the Ashland City, TN area in finding Kimba who was lost on 12/14/02.  On 12/21/02 at about 2:00pm, Kimba was found and is now safely back with Colleen, her human mom. At about 2:00pm yesterday, Colleen received a call from a wonderful man who said he had just seen Kimba.  Colleen went immediately to the area where the man was waiting.  He pointed across the road and there was Kimba!  After getting down on ground-level (as Debbie Hall advises) and using some artful and patient coaxing aided by hotdogs, Colleen managed to get her hands on Kimba.  Kimba was taken straight to the vet who said that while she had sores on her foot pads, she was in good shape and had experienced only minimal weight loss. The vet treated Kimba's sore feet, gave her some antibiotics and sent her home to recuperate. The wonderful man who called Colleen to say that he had found Kimba wanted to remain anonymous.  We're going to call him Santa Claus! Since Santa Claus refused the reward, Colleen will be donating it to the Cheatham County Animal Awareness Foundation.
bullet 12/23/02 (Mon) - No new sightings.  Yesterday afternoon we set up our humane trap (see update of 12/16/02).  In the late morning, we caught a glimpse of the two large "somethings" moving through the forest.  We were alerted to their presence by the howling of our guys.  We have left both ends of the trap open and set it up so that the door does not "trigger."  We want whatever is out there to get comfortable with going into the trap for food.  Photos of the trap are in Rumble's Scrapbook.  We placed it in our meadow at the base of a ridge that runs behind our house.
bullet 12/24/02 (Tue, Christmas Eve) - No new sightings. In addition to the wonderful Christmas gift of well wishes and thoughts from the students of Redd Elementary (see our 12/21/02 update, above), we have received so many other kind and caring well wishes for Rumble. We'll describe two today. One was our first-ever greeting from horses!  Deb, a veterinary student, sent us this message: "I am sending you our Christmas greeting - the picture we put in all our cards this year.  My hope is to put a smile on your face and a chuckle in your heart."  The photo of Deb's horses Sam and Tripper (and husband, Dave) can be seen in Rumble's Scrapbook. The photo did, indeed, accomplish its purpose. Thank you, Deb!  The second greeting is from the other side of the world.  It is from Australia where it was Christmas Eve yesterday, the day we received the message. The message reads as follows: "Over here in Australia it is our Xmas Eve and my whole family holds Rumble in their hearts at this time of hope and joy.  I just want to tell you and yours that people all around the world will be wishing for Rumble's safe return and with that much hope all coming your way you never know what it may bring."  This beautiful message from Australia prompted us to publish here our own hopes and wishes.  We wish that:
  • Every child have a loving home
  • All lost pets find a warm hearth and caring heart
  • Every person have his or her heart touched by an animal's love and devotion
  • Every dog have a cat to chase, and every cat have a dog to tease
  • Every person experiencing loss or sadness find comfort
  • Every person who has sent messages of hope and encouragement know how much we cherish their thoughts and how much they touch our hearts
  • Rumble be safe
bullet 12/25/02 (Wed, Christmas Day) - No new sightings.  Yesterday we received an email requesting rescue help for a fellow at the Memphis (TN) Animal Shelter. His photo is on Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  He looks so much like Rumble's uncle, Casca (Bita's brother). He is described as a German Shepherd or mix.  He is about one year old and very sweet.  We don't know his name so we're calling him Mistletoe.  His situation is extremely urgent and he really must be rescued by the end of the day tomorrow (12/26/02).  It would be wonderful if someone who is reading this update could give this fellow a hand, or if you know someone who is in a position to help him, please contact the Memphis Animal Shelter as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence if he is to be saved. The Memphis Animal Shelter is closed today but will reopen tomorrow morning.  The Shelter's telephone number is 901-362-5310.  It is located at 3456 Tchulahoma Rd., Memphis, TN.  To go to Mistletoe's page on the shelter website click here or type in the following web address: He is in holding cage 521-90092.  If you decide to visit the shelter's link, have a box of tissues handy because there are many, many more wonderful companions (each with a photo and due out date) just looking for a forever home.
bullet 12/26/02 (Thu) - No new sightings.  Because today is the due out day for the sweet fellow we're calling Mistletoe in the 12/25/02 update above, we're keeping his photo and urgent need for rescue on today's update.   Mistletoe's photo and information on how to save him can be viewed on Rumble's "Just in Case" page.
bullet 12/27/02 (Fri) - No new sightings. ADOPTED!! We just spoke with the Memphis Animal Shelter. They have confirmed that Mistletoe (our name), featured in the 12/25/02 and 12/26/02 updates above, was adopted yesterday.  Needless to say, we are overjoyed!  We don't have any details, but what's important is that there was an angel for Mistletoe.  Who ever you are, you've earned your wings. Thank you!
bullet 12/28/02 (Sat) - No new sightings.  As noted yesterday, Mistletoe was rescued from the Memphis Animal Shelter on 12/26, his "due out date."  Since we don't know the angel who rescued Mistletoe, we will recognize another angel, Karen, who rescued "Kelsey," a beautiful Border Collie.  Karen sent us a photo of Kelsey sporting her green bandana for Rumble.  Kelsey's photo can be seen on our "Green Ribbon Photos for Rumble" page.
bullet 12/29/02 (Sun) - No new sightings.  While our attention was focused on "Mistletoe" (see update of 12/27/02), we received a photo of Kimba, the German Shepherd girl who ran away on 12/14/02 from her home in Tennessee and was found a week later.  Except for some sore foot pads, she was in remarkably good shape.  Colleen, Kimba's very relieved human mom, sent us the photo below of Kimba, wearing a green and white ribbon. The white is for being safely back home and the green is for Rumble.  We know having Kimba safely home was the best gift Colleen ever received!
bullet 12/30/02 (Mon) - No new sightings.  There is a serious situation in Shelby, Montana (Toole County) that deserves the attention of anyone who cares for animals.  It's been reported in the press that on 10/31/02, U.S. Customs agents stopped a 40-foot semi-trailer at the Canada-Montana border and discovered that it was crammed with 171 dogs and 11 cats barely existing in waste up to 4 inches deep.  Most of the dogs are Collies with a few Shelties and one Terrier.  The wonderful people of Shelby and many generous volunteers from rescue groups rallied to the rescue of the animals and, since that Halloween night, have been doing everything humanly possible to assist these animals.  The story of how the people of Shelby and rescue groups from across the continent are helping to care for these animals is one of total love.  Their efforts have included setting up "Camp Collie" to house all of the animals in sanitary and safe surroundings.  Proper care, nutrition, and medical treatment for the animals is expensive and has been projected to run to $40,000 or more.  To see heartwarming pictures of the loving care being given, click here.  To learn more about Camp Collie's current needs and how to become a part of this heroic effort, contact the American Working Collie Association (AWCA).  Donations may be sent to the Toole County Community Collie Rescue Fund, c/o First State Bank, 260 Main Street, Shelby, MT 59474.  Additional information about the overall situation may be found online by visiting the Shelby, Montana website. 
bullet 12/31/02 (Tue) - No new sightings.  We've just heard from a friend of Rumble's in the Chesterfield, Virginia area.  Even though we don't think Rumble's been in that area for months, she's been keeping an eye out for him, as have so many of you.  We believe we can't assume anything about Rumble's whereabouts, so we're grateful to all who watch for our boy, regardless of where you are.  Even though Joann hasn't found Rumble, goodness has come of her efforts.  Saturday she found two black dogs lying on a grassy median and returned them to their overjoyed owner!  Sunday, Joann wasn't as lucky.  She sent the following report which we hope will find its way to the lost dog's owner:
"We were going to Aunt Sarah's on Hull Street Rd. for breakfast when we spotted a German Shepherd looking for food in the dumpster.  He was very scared and started to run off - I tried to offer him a treat - he was wearing a maroon collar with flowers and about 6-8" of a broken leash.  A lady at Aunt Sarah's said she had seen a sign and thought his name was Bart.  I called him Bart and he stopped 2 times and looked back but then kept running.  I went through the woods while my husband drove the car in the South Shore Subdivision (numerous cars stopped and told us his direction) but we were unable to keep up with him.  I was hoping you could put a description of him and maybe his owners will call.  Probably about 6-8 years old? so hard to tell, more brown than black, 40-50 lbs."

If you are the dog's owner, or if you have an update on this dog, please click here to contact Joann or call her at 804-739-8401.  Thank you!


LATEST  SIGHTING:  October 16th (report of 10/19/02)