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To save load time on other pages, photos we mention during our sightings reports will be maintained here.  The date of the report that mentions the photo is shown.  (Click on images to enlarge.)

2/11/03 - Rumble's Cousin "Logan"

Logan playing in the snow (after he lost his green ribbon for Rumble). Logan loves the snow, as does Rumble!

2/12/03 - Chili's pups

Rumble's little nieces and newphews are growing like weeds. The little one on its back at the bottom of the photo has the same goofy sense of humor as Uncle Rumble!

2/14/03 - Our Valentine to You!

Heartfelt warm wishes to every Friend of Rumble's from Rumble's entire extended family. Thank you for all you've done, for your encouragement, and for just being here with us.

2/21/03 - Rumble's Nieces & Nephews

Chili's pups awakening from a nap (hence the yawns). The little guy in the middle is has white toes and a white heart on his chest, just like his Uncle Rumble. Like his uncle, this little guy's ribbon is also green.

3/10/03 - Tim, Sam, & Liz Visit Rumble's Family

These wonderful Friends of Rumble who have volunteered countless hours to help us try to locate Rumble paid us a delightful visit on 3/09/03.

3/14/03 - Chili's pups with toys

The green toys were given to Chili's pups by one of Chili's brothers on behalf of their beloved missing littermate, Rumble.

3/20/03 - Article on Missing Dogs

Newspaper article sent to us by friends about dogs missing (and possibly stolen) in Buckingham County, VA.

4/05/03 - Cheryl with her beloved dogs

Cheryl has told us the touching story of how Rumble serves as a link to her fiance, David, who died in October 2002.

4/24/03 - Two of Chili's Pups at 3 Months

"Maka" (left) lives in California and he looks like a small version of Rumble. "Mystic" (right) favors Chili and she is happily at home in Ohio.

4/30/03 - Rumble's Grandpa "London" & Litter Brother "Noah"

London and Noah live with their human mom and dad in Pennsylvania. This photo was taken during a snow in February.

5/06/03 -Trooper (on left)

Trooper with his little friend Liebe. Trooper - - a loving, gentle Newf/Lab and a true Friend of Rumble's.

5/11/03 - In honor of Mother's Day

Collage of Rumble and several of his littermates at 3-1/2 weeks and their mom, Bita

5/12/03 - Rumble's litter brother, "Noah"

Noah during a walk in a county park in Pennsylvania

5/16/03 - Rumble's litter brother "Noah" getting a drink

Noah got thirsty during a walk in the county park, so did the logical thing! "London," maternal grandpa to Rumble and Noah, can be seen in the background of the second photo.

5/28/03 - Rumble's mom "Bita"

Bita and other members of Rumble's family had great fun swimming in the Tye River on May 25th. Bita loves to have her picture taken!

5/30/03 - Bita and Gypsy in the Tye River

Rumble's mom, Bita, and Bita's mom, Gypsy enjoying the Tye River. (Gypsy has the light-colored face.)

6/02/03 - Rumble's Nephew "Maka" Getting Big Fast

Maka, who lives in California, is getting so big, so fast, that he's surprising even himself!

6/10/03 - "Noah" and "Hershey"

Rumble's litter brother Noah and his little friend Hershey in Pennsylvania

6/15/03 - Rumble's dad, "Raider"

A Father's Day wish that they'll be together by next Father's Day. Rumble and his dad are very close.

6/21/03 - A poem

Sent to us by a Friend of Rumble's

6/25/03 - Three of Rumble's nieces

From top to bottom: Sequoia, Diva, and Mystic - All lovely!