Tie a Green Ribbon for Rumble

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bullet We would like to ask for your help if you are anywhere in or near Nelson County or Buckingham County.  If you could post at least one "Watch for Rumble" sign along the roadways, we would be most grateful! 
bullet Our goal is to remind people that they could easily encounter Rumble while driving.  We are very worried about traffic on this last leg of his journey.
bullet If you could tape or staple a bit of green ribbon -- any green ribbon - - to the sign to help catch people's attention, that would be wonderful!  (Rumble's ribbon color as a puppy was green (see Rumble's puppy pictures), so that has special meaning for us.)  Please tie a green ribbon for Rumble!
bullet To print the sign, just click here or on the picture of the sign at the right.
bullet To see friends of Rumble wearing a green ribbon for Rumble, please click here.
bullet Thank you so much for helping us to keep Rumble safe.


Please Post Rumble's Sign & Tie a Green Ribbon for Rumble.  Thank you!

Please click on image to print Rumble's sign.
Thank you!