"Just in Case..."
Updated 1/21/04 10:15 pm
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In our search for Rumble, some of you have shared with us information on dogs in shelters that look similar to Rumble "just in case it might be Rumble."  Although none of them have been Rumble, we appreciate your efforts to help us in our search.  If Rumble's plight can somehow help these dogs find the loving homes they deserve, that would be wonderful!  Please note that due to space and time constraints, we must normally limit our postings to dogs that are referred to us "just in case" they might be Rumble.   However, we will make exceptions and post other dogs for Friends of Rumble who have gone to special lengths to help us with our search for our boy.  We're sharing the information on these dogs below with the hope that you know someone who might give them love and their forever home.

If you would be interested in considering adopting a Shiloh Shepherd, please visit the Shiloh Rehome Program Thank you.   New!

Please note that the dogs listed on this page are listed solely as a courtesy to other rescue groups and animal shelters.  We have no personal knowledge about them, have never seen them, and cannot attest to the accuracy of the information.  All information noted has been obtained directly from the rescue group or shelter. Any adoption contracts for dogs listed on this page will be between the rescue group or shelter placing the dog and the adopter.


These  88 "Just in Case" Dogs Have Found Forever Homes!
Updated 8/03/03 11:15 pm

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The "Just in Case" Dogs...





"Vixon" in Williamsport, PA
Added 7/02/03 11:32 pm
Updated 7/06/03, 11:56pm

Great news!

(Was Urgent - Was due out 7/7/03)

"Vixon" in Williamsport, PA

A friend of Rumble's sent the link to us for Vixon, "just in case..."  He does look quite a bit like our boy, but is not Rumble.  He's a beautiful, long-haired, purebred German Shepherd and has been rated as having a great temperament, but unfortunately the Lycoming County (Pennsylvania) SPCA is only giving him until Monday, July 7th, so his situation is most urgent!  Can someone please help him?  Below is the description we received from the rescue volunteer.  Please contact the SPCA directly (see contact information below) to adopt this most deserving fellow.  Or if you can help him, you may also contact the rescue volunteer at magicgershep@aol.com.  Surely together we can save this boy!  (But we don't have much time...)  Thank you.

German Shepherd Dog

Age: Young
Sex: Male

Notes:  Vixon is a purebred black and tan coated German Shepherd approx. 1-1/2 years old.  He is up-to-date on DHLP, kennel cough, and rabies.  He was neutered in June 2003.  Vixon has been at the Lycoming County SPCA since March 26, 2003.  He has been temperament tested using a combination of the Sternberg & HSUS test and passed.  He  does not appear to be food aggressive.  Vixon is a big happy-go-lucky guy.  It is summer and the shelter is full.  It is not fair to Vixon nor to the other dogs who need a safe haven to continue to hold him.  A decision will be made on Vixon's fate on Monday, July 7th.  This pet is: up to date with routine shots, altered   (Information from rescue volunteer)

Lycoming County SPCA
2805 Reach Road
Williamsport, PA 17701

Phone: 570-322-4646
Fax:     570-322-6886
Email: lycospca@suscom.net

Hours:    Monday ,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday         10am to 8pm
             Wednesday                                         10am to 4pm
             Saturday                                            10am to 3pm
             Sundays and Holidays                            Closed




"River" in Stacy, MN
Added 6/22/03 11:32 pm
Updated 7/19/03 10:44am

Great news!

"River" in Stacy, MN
See River's page on www.petfinder.com

A friend of Rumble's sent the link to us for River, "just in case..."  He does look somewhat like Rumble and he shares several characteristics with Rumble, but he's not our boy.  However, his story is amazing!  After you read it, you'll understand how he got his name.  He sounds like he is so deserving of a loving forever home!  Can someone help him?

German Shepherd Dog

Size: Medium
Age: Young
Sex: Male

Notes:  River is an 18-month-old black-and-tan purebred long hair German Shepherd dog. River really is his namesake. Yep, the mighty Mississippi River almost claimed him. He had wandered out on the ice and became stranded there when the ice started to break from underneath him. He can thank the Anoka police officers for saving his life. He actually became a favorite with them when he was waiting for his owners to reclaim him. He became their "office dog."  He loved them in his very quiet, unassuming way. Again he was rescued since his owners never came for him and his time was up at the animal containment facility and our rescue group took him into our program. He is initially shy and reserved. When he becomes more acquainted with you, his personality really shines. And if you happen to toss him a tennis ball, then he's your favorite person of them all. He seems comfortable on a leash and walks well. He is in excellent health. We were able to place him in a foster home, so we'll be able to have an update on his house training and manners. He may have some separation anxiety. This beautiful boy is available boy is available for adoption for $270.  This pet is: up to date with routine shots, altered   (Information from PetFinders.com)

St. Francis Animal Rescue
Stacy, MN
(612) 387-4869





"Josie" in Sunderland, MD
Added 5/31/03 4:30 pm
Updated 7/27/03 11:45pm

Great news!

"Josie," a sweet girl in Calvert County, MD hoping for her forever home
Click here to visit Josie's page at the Calvert County Humane Society
(Please click image to enlarge)


"Josie" sounds like a wonderful girl!  A great Friend of Rumble's, who has helped us a lot in our efforts to locate Rumble, began volunteering at the Calvert County Humane Society as a direct result of Rumble's website.  She met Josie there and believes Josie would make a superb choice for anyone looking for a great dog.  (In fact, she can't believe Josie hasn't been snatched up already.)   Josie is a very pretty 8-9 month old Shepherd-Hound mix.  She has been spayed, is up-to-date on all her shots, and is heartworm-negative.  According to the Calvert County Humane Society, Josie is "extraordinarily good-natured and can romp and play all day."  We're told she's friendly, gets along great with other dogs, knows basic commands, and walks well on a leash.  By the way, we commend the Calvert County Humane Society for being a no-kill shelter.  That's just super!  If you know anyone who could give this very deserving girl her forever home, please contact Bob at (301) 862-3808.  As an added bonus, when Josie is adopted, there will be one more space in this no-kill shelter to save another deserving dog!

Notes from Calvert County Humane Society Volunteer:  "Josie is one of the nicest, friendliest, happiest dogs you will ever meet!  I don't understand why she doesn't have her forever home yet!  Josie is a very special dog and one of my personal favorites.  She is so sweet and loves to run around and play and give kisses.  She is very eager to please and knows basic commands.  The Calvert County Humane Society's trainer works with her (as well as all our other dogs) daily.  Josie walks well on a leash and is wonderful with other dogs.  I haven't seen her around cats yet.  What a sweetheart she is, one of the best!"

Calvert County Humane Society
2210 Dalrymple Road
Sunderland, MD

Please ask for Bob at
(301) 862-3808





"Casey" in Fairfield, CT
(formerly "Ace" in Bowling Green, KY)
ed 2/19/03 9:12 pm
Updated 7/23/03 11:40 pm

Great news!

Casey in Connecticut
See Casey's page on PetProtectors


Update of 2/19/03:
Casey has been rescued by the wonderful folks at PetProtectors in Connecticut!  Here's their report:
"Excellent temperament, gentle, male neutered white shepherd / retriever mix with tan markings. He is 1.5 years old, 45 lbs., puppish at times, loves everyone and other animals. He is the sweetest, most adorable and loving dog you will ever meet. He has had a hard life and deserves so much more. Casey needs a home with someone around often and another dog to pal with.  To know and meet Casy is to love him. URGENTLY need a foster home as well."

2490 Black Rock Turnpike, #453
Fairfield, CT 06432
Tel. (203) 330-0255

For more information, please contact:

Original Posting:
A friend of Rumble's from Kentucky asked us to post "Ace."  Ace sounds like a treasure who is so deserving of a loving home!  Just look at that sweet face....  Since Rumble has several White German Shepherds in his background, we have a soft spot for guys like Ace!

Notes: "Ace" is a young, medium-sized, White German Shepherd mix.  Ace is a sad case of how some people SHOULD never own a pet. Ace was adopted from a shelter and kept on a chain since the time he was a puppy. He's now 1-2 years old and has a scar around his neck from a collar that grew into his and from being on a logging chain. Despite Ace's former family, he's one of the most loving, loyal, and sweet boys that you will ever met. He's gentle, does wonderful w/ other dogs, and walks wonderful on a leash!  This boy deserves a 2nd chance to see what love is like!  Up-to-date with routine shots.  Altered.  To see another sweet photo of Ace, please visit Webshots Community - Ace2 (Information from PetFinders.com)

(Shelter Hours are: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. 10am-4:30pm; Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 12noon-4pm (Seasonal))

Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society
1925 Old Louisville Rd
Bowling Green, KY





"Max #2" in Wayne, PA
Added 1/30/03 10:12 pm
Updated 9/18/03 11:10 am

Great news!

(Picture Coming)

See Max's page on www.petfinder.com

A friend of Rumble's from New Jersey asked us to post "Max."  (We're referring to him as "Max #2" since we've already had one "Just in Case" dog named "Max.")  Max sounds like he is so deserving of a loving home!  No dog should ever have to go through what he's been through.

German Shepherd Dog

Size: Large
Age: Adult
Sex: Male

Notes: Foster Home needed immediately! PLEASE CALL ! 610-964-0640 Max is a 70lb purebreed gsd. Neutered, crate trained. Needs work on housebreaking, fast learner. Okay with neutered male dogs, female dogs, and cats. Previously abused and abandoned. Very friendly but needs to warm up to you. This pet is: up to date with routine shots, altered   (Information from PetFinders.com)

Angel Animal Rescue, Referral and Adoption Services
Wayne, PA





"Bud" in Kent, WA
ed 12/29/02 2:06 pm
Updated 7/17/03 11:22 pm

Great news!

"Bud" in Kent, WA
See Bud's page on www.petfinder.com

Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
I.D: Bud (Purebred German Shepherd)

Bud is a handsome long-coated German Shepherd male currently fostered in Kent, Washington. He has a friendly, outgoing personality. He is good with older children and other dogs. You'll find additional information about this dog including photos and the required Adoption Request form on the German Shepherd Rescue Network at WWW.GSDRESCUE.NET. Click on the "German Shepherd Rescue Network" link below to go directly to the GSD Rescue Network web site. Please submit your Adoption Request prior to e-mailing or calling about available dogs.

German Shepherd Rescue Network

Click here to contact German Shepherd Rescue Network

This pet is: up to date with routine shots, already house trained, altered



"Rusty" in Philadelphia, PA
ed 11/19/02 2:06 pm
Updated 8/03/03 11:22 pm


Great news!

  BEFORE                       AFTER
     Must be rescued by Friday, 22 Nov          "Rusty" looking for his forever home (Pennsylvania)
Visit Rusty's page on www.petfinder.com           

Update of 1/13/03:
We just received a very nice e-mail from Rusty's Foster Mom and several very handsome photos of Rusty!  She said that she wanted to personally thank us for our help in publicizing Rusty's plight.  He is doing exceptionally well in their home and they are thrilled with his progress so far.  They are now starting to take him out to try and get some socializing skills for him too.  She concluded by saying, "He is an absolutely stunning dog and I'm so glad I could foster him!" 
We've also learned that "Sam" is still available.  No new photo is available yet.  He's just had his surgery to be altered.

Rusty - Rusty is a large, young male.  He's up-to-date with routine shots, already house trained, an has been altered.

Update of 11/22/02:
These four long-haired German Shepherds, which were in a truly urgent situation in Pittsburgh, PA, have been rescued by
German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania (GSR-SP), thanks to the combined efforts of several very special people listed below.  However, they still need to find their "forever homes."  If you know someone who would like to adopt them, please contact German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania (GSR-SP).


Desiree of West Virginia GSD Rescue Co-op who visited these dogs with her husband and took the photos you see below


Becky of West Virginia GSD Rescue Co-op who alerted us to them and sent us their photos


Lisa of www.rescueboard.org and www.dvdpa.org who helped spread the word to GSD rescue organizations in Pennsylvania


Gail of German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania (GSR-SP) for rescuing three of them!


Lorraine for rescuing one of them!


And probably several more people we don't even know about!!

Original Posting:
These four dogs could desperately use a miracle!  They only have until Friday, November 22nd.  Three of them are quite large (28"-29" at the shoulder).  One is only 25" at the shoulder.  They were apparently confiscated from someone who had problems.  We've been told they're typical, well-rounded dogs, but are very unhappy in their cramped shelter cages.  If you know of a rescue organization that could take them in or if you know of anyone who could adopt one, please contact Becky immediately.  She can be reached at
k9gsd@casinternet.net.  Her rescue organization is at its maximum, but she'll help anyone who can help these shepherds.  Becky has a contact person who is willing to drive these dogs a great distance to get them to safety.  All they need is someone to rescue or foster them!  Thank you for your consideration.

German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania (GSR-SP)
Philadelphia, PA





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