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ed 3/11/03 8:35 pm
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In our search for Rumble, some of you have shared with us information on dogs in shelters that look similar to Rumble "just in case it might be Rumble."  Although none of them have been Rumble, we appreciate your efforts to help us in our search.  If Rumble's plight can somehow help these dogs find the loving homes they deserve, that would be wonderful!  We're sharing the information on these dogs below with the hope that you know someone who might give them love and their forever home.

Culver City, CA | Hampton, VA | Spotsylvania, VA | Atlantic Beach, FL | VA Area Code 540

Auburndale, FL | Magnolia, TX | Arlington, VA | Mt Airy, NC | Roanoke, VA | Pipe Creek, TX

Conyers, GA | Richmond, VA | Richmond, VA #2


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Found in Richmond, VA
(Three Chopt/Parham area)
ed 3/11/03 8:35 pm

Shepherd/Chow Mix
Possible Belgian
Tervuren Shepherd /Chow Mix
or German Shepherd / Chow Mix

 Found in Buckingham County on 2/21
Found 2/21/03

If you recognize this girl, please call:
  804-662-7133 (work) or 804-346-8315 (home)

We received an email from a family in Buckingham County, VA. They said:

"She was found in the Three Chopt/Parham area [of Richmond, VA] on 2/21 wearing a purple mesh collar.  She obviously belonged to someone not too long ago.  She's between 12 and 18 months.  She can climb a 4 ft. privacy fence and does not come when she is called.  She has a spotted tongue and is totally intrigued by other dogs.  She is either Belgian Tervuren Shepherd mixed with Chow, or German Shepherd mixed with Chow.  She is crate trained, house broken, LOVES other dogs and is affectionate.  She is not aggressive with dogs, people or food.  We have given her all of her shots, had a fecal analysis done for parasites/negative, and she has been spayed.  She is a reddish color, tipped in brown with a black muzzle.  She is about a year old and has nice house manners.  The SPCA has approved her for a "surrender" dog, but they don't have a space yet.  If I am unable to locate her owners, I would love to find her a home with another dog(s) and with folks who like active and happy dogs.   I won't get my hopes up, but it's hard not to. This will be the third week end with her...."

If you know anything about this sweet girl, please call or email Kathi at 804-662-7133 (work),  804-346-8315 (home). These wonderful friends of Rumble are making a real effort to try to get this girl reunited with her family, and we'd like to help any way we can.


Found in Richmond, VA
ed 3/05/03 1:20 am

Great news!
"Heart" has been reunited with his owners!

Possible Retriever/Lab Mix

Found 2/28/03

Number to call if you recognize this boy:
  (804) 928-6554

We received an email from a family in Richmond, VA. They said:

"We found an adorable black, long-haired, male dog on the morning of Feb. 28th in Richmond, Virginia.  He is about 50-60 lbs, and is possibly a Retriever/Lab Mix. Black all over except for a white patch on the chest, white toes on his front left paw, and some white hair around his nose.  He was not wearing a collar when found.  He seems young, and is very friendly.  Please contact us if he is yours!"

If you know anything about this fellow, please call (804) 928-6554 These wonderful friends of Rumble are making a real effort to try to get this guy reunited with his family.



Found in Conyers, Georgia

Possible Shiloh Shepherd, German Shepherd, or Mix

Found 2/12/03

Number to call if you recognize this boy:  770-760-9176

We received a telephone call from a family in Conyers, Georgia (east of Atlanta). On Wednesday (2/12/03), a male dog showed up on their property. The dog does not belong to anyone in the family's neighborhood and, in fact, has never been seen in the area before. The family thought the dog (whom we're calling "Conyers") might be Rumble and so they called us. Fortunately, the family has a digital camera and was able to email photographs to us, which are below. Conyers is not Rumble but certainly looks like he could be a Shiloh. Conyers is described as well socialized, housebroken, and fun loving. The family has fallen in love with Conyers in the five short days he has been with them. But the family recognizes that he is someone's beloved pet. Conyers is in good shape and appears to be healthy. When he was found he was wearing a worn leather collar and dragging a red plastic tether with hooks on both ends. His height at the shoulder is between 28 and 30 inches.

If you know anything about Conyers, please contact the Waters family in Conyers, Georgia. Their telephone number is 770-760-9176. The Waters love him, but want him to be reunited with his family.



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