$2,500 Reward


SLOWLY LIE ON GROUND & OFFER FOOD BITS.  $500 Tip Reward             Updates at www.globalspan.net/lost.htm

Giant Shepherd-type dog

125 lbs (less now); 30" at shoulder

Mostly black with some tan/cream

  Neutered male

  Long hair, shy, size of small pony

  Name: "Rumble"

Lost dogs are scared, confused & very cautious. You must not chase or approach them or they will run further away.  The lost dog must learn to trust & approach you, not vice versa.  If you see Rumble, call us immediately!  Slowly kneel to the ground below his eye level (lie down if possible), softly say his name & gently toss small bits of food to him. Do not stare, smile, or make eye contact same as a dog snarl or predator stare. Patience. If he approaches & allows you to pet him, gently loop a slip-lead type leash around his neck.  CAUTION: Please do NOT give him much water or food - he could go into shock & die.  
Spot him
?  Immediately call collect
, 24 hours a day.  Old sightings welcome.