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Rumble in May 2002
Rumble in May 2002

Description of Rumble


Lost in Chester, VA, 1:45 am, 6/28/02


Shiloh Shepherd (looks like giant, long-haired German Shepherd)


Mostly black, with some tan/cream markings.  Shy.


Was 125 lbs, but is probably less now 


30" at shoulder (size of small deer or miniature pony)


4-year-old neutered male. 

bullet Rumble is not "valuable" except to his family
  • He's not AKC-registered (he's a cross of a couple AKC breeds)
  • He can't be bred because he's neutered
  • Family & friends chipped in for the reward
Rumble is a shy, gentle-spirited fellow whose family loves him very much.  Most of his life has been spent in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Nelson County, thus he is unfamiliar with traffic, busy neighborhoods, and people he doesn’t know.  We believe Rumble is trying to find his way home to Nelson County.  Please help Rumble find his family.


Catching Rumble 

Please, please do NOT chase Rumble or he may run into a road and get hit!

The experts advise us that if Rumble is chased, he will become scared and disoriented and will then likely go off-course.



bullet Get as low to the ground as possible (you must be below his eye level).
bullet Sit quietly in the same spot until we arrive.  Rumble may circle you, moving in and retreating, moving in again, etc.  Just stay still.
bullet Do not stare, smile, or make eye contact.  That could be perceived as a dog-type snarl or predator stare.
bullet Lost dogs are scared, confused, and very cautious.  You must not chase or approach them or they will run further away.  The lost dog must learn to trust and approach you, not vice versa.  Patience is essential. 

Caution:  We have just learned that pets who have been lost as long as Rumble must not be given very much water or food when they're found or they can go into pancreatic shock and die.



Rumble - Side View


Rumble's "Lost" Flyer 

              Please click on image for full-size, printable flyer.  Thanks!

bullet Please click on the image of Rumble's flyer above to view and print the full-sized version

bullet The link for this page is:  www.globalspan.net/lost.htm
(If you ever forget the address, just go to www.google.com and type in:   Rumble  lost  dog   Either this site or another site linking to this site will pop up.)

With Heartfelt Gratitude



Please visit Rumble's "With Gratitude" page.


Sincere thanks to the many individuals and organizations who have helped search for Rumble.  Your efforts in posting flyers, forwarding the link to this page, and cross-posting on forums have been enormously helpful, and you have our heartfelt gratitude.  This site gets over 700 hits daily.  On 9/16/02 Rumble's site got over 1,100 hits, thanks to you! 


It's our hope that you've seen Rumble; but if you haven't, we hope you'll tell someone about Rumble's site.  If we can just tell enough people, eventually someone will know where he is and he can come home!


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Rumble's extended family wishes to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


This page is done in green in honor of Rumble's ribbon color as a puppy.



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